Happy with Scott

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Happy With Scott and UV Window Coatings Team

We are very happy with Scott and the UV Window Coatings Team. We have almost 100m2 of north facing windows with no eaves, literally half of our house external walls are glass windows/doors – all large triple glazed units.

Triple glazing works wonders with large temperature differences however they provided little protection from sun radiation coming through, even in winter. Following extensive research we decided to commission UV windows to install exterior 3M Prestige film.

Our advice to anyone considering window film is to speak to a company with a lot of experience and have been around for several years. Any film worth considering MUST come with a certified data sheet showing all the key performance figures and a warranty – make sure these numbers achieve what you require.

We were after a film that didn’t cut down the visible light (kept rooms light) yet rejected the majority of sun radiation, ie. no internal heat up when sun shines through the glass windows/doors. Scott is very knowledgeable about window films, a great communicator, well organised and the team of installers were very efficient and skilled.

UV Window Coatings are also registered installers which gave us the confidence that the team are trained and experienced. Our glass windows and doors are all wider than the widest rolls and we were concerned about the joins – this concern was misplaced as the joins are almost invisible.

Installing film requires a high degree of skill so make sure you chose a good installer. Pricewise Scott was the best, price was fixed and job was completed earlier than expected. We write very few reviews and even less recommendations but have no hesitation in recommending Scott and UV Window Coatings team. You will not be disappointed...

Brendan G - Melbourne

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