Security Film

Security Film


Melbourne Commercial Security Tinting

Security Window film

Making glass stronger and more durable, safety and security films help to reduce injury and liability in both private and public areas.

Glass windows or partitions are less likely to break and in the event of breakage, the film will help hold shattered pieces together. They’ll also help to prevent burglars from entering the building ensuring enhanced protection of people, property and possessions.

Security films are available in both clear and tinted variations, achieving increased security whilst also maintaining the desired look of the building.

Additional to the increased strength from the film, 3M impact protection profiles bond the glass surface, film and window frame together, creating a robust shield which outperforms other security film-only installations.


  1. Micro-layered and tear-resistant to help increase security and provide added protection against smash and grab burglaries.
  2. Greatly rejects the heat so you can enjoy energy savings and improved comfort.
  3. Low interior reflectivity offers enhanced views, especially at night.
  4. Helps reduce glare and eye discomfort.
  5. Comprehensive warranty is provided by 3M which assures you that you’re getting top quality and the upmost effectiveness of window tinting technologies.



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