8 Reasons to Tint your Home Windows


8 Reasons to Tint your home Windows

We get asked questions all the time about the benefits of window tinting. The benefits are numerous, and vary in importance, but for now, here is our top eight reasons (in no particular order) for tinting your home windows:

  1. Save Money: You will notice a reduction in your energy bills as your investment in window tint pays of directly in a reduction of energy and airconditioning usage!
  2. Save your carpet: With window tint blocking 99% of UV rays, carpet fade will be a thing of the past... increasing the life span of your carpet with a small investment of tinting.
  3. Reduced risk of harmful rays: You can rest assured that our window tinting will reduce harmful rays from the sun penetrating your home. Making oyur family as safe as possible.
  4. Reduce sun damage to your furniture: As with carpet, your furniture and other internal investments will be protected from harmful rays.
  5. Help the environment: With Australia's main energy source currently being coal, by reducing your home energy usage, you are reducing the amount of coal being burnt. The flow on of your decision is not just direct to your own hip pocket and home.
  6. Privacy: Our home window tints allow for greater privacy, from black out films to reflective "mirror" films, we make it harder for prying eyes to see in to your home.
  7. Reduced Glare: Closing blinds to watch TV will be a thing of the past with our window films reducing sunglare significantly. No need for sunglasses inside either!
  8. Reduced risk of flying glass: In the event of a window breaking, one of the largest risks is flying glass. By having window tint on that glass, there is less loose glass, meaning that there is less chance for injury.

As mentioned there are many more reasons to tint your home windows, especially living in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia for that matter. If you have more questions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.



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