3M Prestige 50 and Night Vision 15


This is a great example of using two different films for separate areas of your home. We were approached by the home owner to help with the excessive heat entering the double glazed windows.

On the first floor we wanted maximum heat reduction, daytime privacy and glare reduction. We opted to use 3M Night Vision 15. As you can see in the photo, NV15 has a reflective external appearance. High reflective films like NV15 have very high heat reduction, 72% TSER.

Down stairs the goal was to reduce maximum heat, reduce fading and damage to the floor boards. We also wanted to take a small amount of glare out. What we didn't want was to loose too much light, we wanted to achieve the perfect balance. We installed 3M Prestige 50 to the clear double glazed windows and doors. PR50 is an Infrared film, it reduces 97% of IR, 63% of total solar energy (heat) and 99.9% UV. The decking is used for entertaining, so we needed to use a non metelised film so people outside wouldn't get reflected light glare.

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