3M Black Chrome


3M Black Chrome 20 Window Tint

This is a great example of what 3M Black Chrome 20 looks like from the outside. We have tinted the dinning room of this aged care facility. 3M Black chrome is a semi reflective film that offers 68% heat reduction and 80% glare reduction. It has a nice grey glass look and not a plastic look so many other brands have. This product carries a Lifetime warranty for residential applications including bubbling, colour change, fading, Pealing, cracking, crazing for as long as you live or own your home. And of coarse it's backed by the best window film manufacturer in the industry, 3M. One thing film manufacturers don't warrant is the workmanship. Thats why we are a licensed authorised 3M dealer/applicator. We have been chosen to use 3M's great products because of our professional approach and the best workmanship in the industry. For more information call 1300 137 036 Check out some other quick notes at our Melbourne Window tinting page

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