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Melbourne Window Tinting

Reduce heat and provide insulation, reduce glare while watching TV or at the computer, provide daytime privacy without having to keep your blinds closed...

Home Window Tinting


Window film offers considerable results when applied within commercial spaces. Solar films will decrease energy costs and improve on the comfortability...

Commercial Window Tinting


UV Window Coatings are highly experienced window film installers and advisors specialising in providing film solutions to architects, facility managers and planners.

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UV Window Coatings has been tinting Melbourne windows in homes and office’s since 1997, and is built on a strong foundation of highly experienced tinting professionals embracing a wide cross section of expertise and skills, enabling our company to operate effectively within the construction, renovation and maintenance sectors.

Our success is due to our strong customer service, combined with over twenty years hands on experience, plus the highest professional standards with accreditations from 3M as an authorised dealer and installer as well as the international window film association making us unique in the industry.

In our drive for excellence, UV Window Coatings is dedicated to provide you with the best materials, the best workmanship and the best prices within the continuously changing market place. You simply will not find a better local or national company for

  • Glare Reduction
  • UV Protection
  • Security Window Coatings
  • Safety Window Coatings
  • Winter Heat Loss Window Coatings
  • Window Frostings and Decorative Films
  • Specialising in all 3M window films.

We have historically worked on some of the largest projects undertaken in Australia, so you can rest assured that your window coating project can be handled with the ease and expertise that can only be learnt from experience.

Melbourne Apartment Tinting

St.Kilda Apartment Tinting

Melbourne's Spontaneous Glass Breakage Solutions

Melbourne Spontaneous Glass Breakage TintingUv Window Coatings have been protecting Melbourne from Spontaneous Glass Breakage (SGB) since 1997!

When toughened glass shatters, it breaks into thousands of small fragments, usually not big enough to cause serious damage. However if these small fragments fall from a distance from a multi story building in large quantities, the risk of injury or death is very serious.

With some large scale projects including Rod Laver Arena and  Eastland Shopping Center, UV Window Coatings have a wealth of experience, and case studies to back us up. 


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